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JTDE has been supplying press tools, mold dies and their components to Japan/USA.

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About us
Company profile

JTD Engineering, INC.( JTDE) of Chicago was established in 1968 through the parent company of Japan Tool & Die Co.,Ltd to create and sell molds and tools to North America. JTDE has been supplying various kinds of die tools and mold dies. These die tools and mold dies are made based on high precision Japanese technology. We also sell parts to automotive companies, home-electric manufacturers etc, mainly in the US, Canada and Mexico to make important contribution to the customer of the production of high grade products. JTDE also distributes American Made high quality and standardized components for press tools, mold dies and mechanical components for factory automation system and etc to Japan, and is being highly appreciated by the Japanese population.

Our parent company, Japan Tool & Die Co.,Ltd., was established in 1959 by the top 12 Japanese press tool and mold die manufacturers as a corporation and is now engaged in the direct business with a wide-range of customers such as mold manufacturers and plastic molding companies. The first 3 president of JTD served as chairmen Japan Die & Mold Industry Association and contributed to the development of the related industrial field, which has lead to the success of our company today.

Our philosophy address

JTD Engineering is engaged in the business activities with the following philosophy.

  • The partnership with customers is our NO.1 priority.
  • To create the products for customer’s productivities.
  • To serve high quality services.
  • To keep the clean environment.


1305 Remington Road Suite R, Schaumburg, IL 60173, U.S.A.

Phone: 847-885-3498
Fax: 847-885-3609