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JTDE has been supplying press tools, mold dies and their components to Japan/USA.

Welcame to the JTD Engineering Web Site

JTDE Office
Our philosophy address

JTD Engineering is engaged in the business activities with the following philosophy.

  • The partnership with customers is our NO.1 priority.
  • To create the products for customer’s productivities.
  • To serve high quality services.
  • To keep the clean environment.


1305 Remington Road Suite R, Schaumburg, IL 60173, U.S.A.

Phone: 847-885-3498
Fax: 847-885-3609
The export partner requested. We support service to make inroads into the Japanese market.

JTDE is looking for companies interested in exporting products to Japanese market.

JTDE can support you to make inroads into the Japanese market. Please contact us immediately if you have any interest in the Japanese market.